Gelmir Knight Armor – Elden Ring Guide

The Gelmir Knight Armor is an Armor piece found in Elden Ring, and is part of the Gelmir Knight Armor Set, which contains Gelmir Knight Helm, Gelmir Knight

2 Good FULL Armor Sets in 1 Location – Bloodhound & Gelmir Knight – Gelmir Hero’s Grave – Elden Ring

2 – 2.5 Million Souls Per Hour Farm (END GAME):

Apologies for the dark areas, this game doesn’t record well for me in the darkest areas, even if I turned up brightness. Idk but occasional some game like this one and Resident Evil Village don’t record darkest areas with certain capture cards.

Recorded in 1080P 60FPS

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Elden Ring | Gelmir Knight + Bloodhound Knight Armor Sets | Where To Find

This is a guide how to get the Gelmir Knight + Bloodhound Knight Armor Sets. Both are in the same location.

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Elden Ring Drake Knight Complete Armor Set Location Easy Guide

Elden Ring Drake Knight Complete Armor Set Location Easy Guide

Best ArmorSet Drake Knight Complete Armor Set Location Easy Guide In Elden Ring