Majin Android 21 – Dragon Ball FighterZ Guide

The Fighter Android 21 is one of the Characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ. She is unlocked by completing the story mode, and is the primary antagonist of Dragon

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Android 21 Base, Majin, Evil, Good (4K 60FPS)


In this video I showcase some Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods that adds Evil Android 21 & Good Android 21. I also used the Lab Coat Android 21 DLC & Majin Android 21

Mods Used

Android 21 (Evil) By Natsu-Ken:

Android 21 (Good) By Natsu-Ken:

Ice Wasteland By Evil Sayajin:


0:00 – Android 21 (Lab Coat) Vs. Krillin, SSJ Goku & Yamcha
2:22 – Android 21 (Majin) Vs. Cell, SSB Goku & Frieza
5:03 – Android 21 (Evil) Vs. SSB Goku, Goku Black & Jiren
7:43 – Android 21 (Good) Vs. Android 16, 17 & 18
10:40 – Outro

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Dragon Ball FighterZ – Android 21 Tips & Tricks

(timestamps below)
The first entry in my Tips and Tricks series for Dragon Ball FighterZ! If you are unfamiliar with this series I breakdown a characters movelists, talk about many properties the character has, and give a breakdown of what their general gameplay and gameplan should be.

0:20 – Special moves & Supers
8:28 – Lets talk Absorb
13:17 – General gameplan
17:38 – In closing

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Dragon Ball FighterZ – Android 21 Guide

Get all the details on the newest member of the Dragon Ball universe!

For the full rundown check out our article:

With Dragon Ball FighterZ many people have had their eye on the brand new character Android 21. If you’re looking to use her on your team you’ll need to know how to use her. In this Android 21 guide you’ll find information on all of her special moves, supers and more. We’ll got all the Android 21 gameplay you need to get started with the character as a member of your main team in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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