Live-Action Warhammer 40k TV Show in the Works

Warhammer 40k is getting its first, live-action television adaptation.

CHAOS RISING Kickstarter Pitch Video

CHAOS RISING is a short fan-made film inspired by the Warhammer Fantasy Universe, filmed in the heart of Scotland by longtime fans of the tabletop game.

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CHAOS RISING is 100% unofficial, fan-made and in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Games Workshop. We are non-profit, all funds raised either through our Kickstarter campaign or website go directly into funding the filming process.

Henry Cavill talks favourite Marine Chapters/40K TV Shows

Loved listening to this, you can tell he wants to make something but it has to be right, he respects the lore of the IP. Also, his favorite Chapters are very interesting, saw him as an Imperial Fist personally ��

If you want to listen to the full podcast, linked below:

Thank you for watching my video, glory to the Emperor and the Imperium of Mankind!

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Warhammer 40,000 Animated Series is in the Works – Officially Licensed by Games Workshop.

An officially licensed Warhammer 40K animated series is in the works. Angels of Death is being made by the same creators behind a live-action fan film and the popular Helsreach series.

Helsreach Videos by Richard Boylan
Guardsman SHort by Richard Boylan and Boman Modine
Angels of Death Teaser trailer by Warhammer TV

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