Draygon – Super Metroid Guide

Draygon is an interesting boss because it rewards clever thinking. You can utilize the environment itself to defeat this otherwise challenging

Super Metroid 100% Walkthrough Part 1 – Getting Started

100% Walkthrough for Super metroid.
In this episode we start of by getting the morphball, bombs, a couple of missiles and the charge beam.

This is the first time I’m doing commentary. Hope my weird accent and mispronunciations aren’t to miserable of an experience.
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Super Metroid (SNES) – Chapter 14 – Draygon Boss & All Items – (100%)

Once the Serpent falls apart go past the crumbling wall and head through the door there. In the next corridor you’ll be able to find Energy Tank no. 1 (Maridia). Once you’ve secured it, go through the door on the right side of the corridor. In the next shaft, you can break through the wall ahead to eventually reach a Missile Reload room, go up the shaft using the Wall Jump trick or the Grappling Beam and head through the door in the upper right corner.

You’ll now find yourself in a massive room filled with Grappling Hook blocks and quicksand along the bottom of the floor. Traverse through the room using the Wall Jump trick or the Grappling Beam to climb over the large pillar platforms, and watch out for the Mochtroids. At the far right of the room a Save room and Energy Refill room awaits through the upper right door, Once you’re ready go through the lower right door.

In this next room you’ll find missile no. 3 (Maridia) ahead on the right. Drop down below the spikes at the foot of the door to find a hidden shaft below. Drop down, destroy the guard door you find then head through the door to confront the giant crustacean Draygon. Refer to the bosses guide to cook his hide.


When you enter Draygon’s room he’ll take his time wandering in from the left wall. As you enter the room, drop down below and wait for the four mini-Draygons to swarm past. You’ll eventually notice two gun turrets on each side of the room, quickly destroy them with Missiles before Draygon appears and try to avoid the energy balls they fire. When Draygon finally turns up he’ll swim around the screen trying to ram into Samus. If he slows down and spews out small grey blobs, they’ll land on the ground and slow Samus down if they grab hold of her.

Draygon’s weak point is his yellow belly (ironic, he is a bit of a coward). You can fire as many Super Missiles into his belly as you can, but there’s a much easier and quicker way to finish the crustacean. If Draygon lowers down to the ground and manages to grab Samus, he’ll swim around while stinging Samus often. Notice how the remains of the gun turrets on the walls are sparking electricity? This is the key to Draygon’s demise.

Switch to the Grappling Beam and fire away at the turrets, eventually Draygon will bring you close enough to one. When you manage to strike one of them, the Grappling Beam will draw the electricity from the turret through the beam and Samus to damage Draygon. Samus will also take damage while the beam connects, but it pales in comparison to the beating Draygon will receive. Keep holding out and eventually Draygon will let go and sink down into the ground below.

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Super Metroid (SNES) | 100% Item Collection Rate Guide/Walkthrough | Draygon

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