Cynder – Skylanders Trap Team Guide

Skylanders Trap Team at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Skylanders: Trap Team – Pain-Yatta – Part 21

Welcome to my lets play of Skylanders: Trap Team. In this series I will play through the entire story of the game with commentary. Enjoy. Revive your childhood memories with extensive pokemon games website free catalog.

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Skylanders Trap Team – Gearshift – Duel Mode Dualist Path Guide

We are doing Gearshift’s Path Guide.

She is on the Duel Mode Dualist Path and it’s great! I love how her gears get to do a lot more damage and they spin much longer!

Skylanders Trap Team – Gusto – Dizzy Destroyer Path Guide

We are doing Gusto’s Path Guide.

He is on the Dizzy Destroyer Path! I like it and all but I feel the lightning mode ball should of done way more damage and he shouldn’t have been able to be hit in it.