Our goal is to become a house of profitable and creative brands that make our customers look and feel great. Our strategy is based on five key elements:

  1. Relevant and considered collections: We continuously develop our collections to anticipate and react to trends which appeal to customers.
  2. Controlled expansion of our multichannel distribution: In retail, wholesale and online, we carefully consider each new opportunity to ensure it is right for each new brand and will deliver margin-led growth.
  3. Accelerating margin growth: We are verticalised. Simply put, we own our value chain. This business model will drive margin growth as we are able to respond to customer demands quickly. We want to be even faster and even more efficient.
  4. Carefully managed development of overseas markets: We continue to pursue stable growth in our existing locations while considering new countries for expansion.
  5. Social and environmental responsibility: We engage with policy makers and invest in improving textile production conditions around the world. 

Underlying our strategy is an emphasis on design, product quality and attention to detail. These are delivered by the passion, commitment and skill of our teams, licence partners and wholesale customers.