Steilmann is a family-owned fashion company with a rich heritage. It was founded in the late 1950s and developed into a major fashion business in the 1980s as the Klaus Steilmann Group.

The foundations of Steilmann SE were laid in 1994 when Dr. Michele Puller, Massimo Giazzi and Paola Giazzi entered the German home textiles market. Over the last two decades, the partners have built a vertically integrated fashion retail and wholesale business through a series of acquisitions, successful asset restructurings and operational improvements.

1994: Entry into the German market

In 1994, we entered the German home textiles market, catering to customers in the hard discount retailer segment.

2002-2004: Expansion into fashion

We decided to expand into fashion to capitalise on the substantial opportunities that we saw within the sector. In 2002, we completed the strategic acquisition of Kirsten from the Klaus Steilmann Group and in 2004 we bought additional brands from the same group, including Apanage, Nienhaus & Lotz, Dressmaster and Stones.

2004: Entry into retail

In 2004, we acquired Boecker Fashion Point, which gave us direct consumer access. Through a series of revenue-accretive and cost-cutting measures, the newly-acquired company returned to profitability within two years.

2006: Vertical integration

Following the successful transformation from a wholesale home textiles business into a branded fashion retailer, we took further steps to create a vertically integrated business. As part of the process, we took over the distribution and production activities of the Klaus Steilmann Group in Eastern Europe and Asia in 2006.

The same year, we created NTS Ltd., a sourcing platform and factory operation in China.

2005-2015: Expansion in retail

We have continued to strengthen the retail part of the business through acquiring existing stores and opening new ones. In the last decade, the number of stores increased  and now we have over 1300 POS in more than 18 countries.

In 2012, we acquired more than 90 stores from the French fashion chain Sym and fully integrated them into our structure.

In 2013, together with private equity partner Equinox S.A., we bought a majority stake in Adler Modemärkte AG, a major German fashion retailer.

2015: Increasing efficiency through reorganization

In late 2014, we consolidated all retail and wholesale activities into Steilmann-Boecker Fashion Point GmbH & Co. KG and rebranded to Steilmann SE in July 2015.