The focal point of our brand strategy is to evoke positive feelings on the part of consumers towards our products. By consistently developing desirable products and inspiring brand experiences, we can drive the sustainable growth of our business and customer loyalty.

A targeted profiling strategy is required to create authentic connections with our customers and to understand their fashion and lifestyle demands. Only by identifying and understanding individual lifestyle motivations and goals can we create meaningful products, services and experiences that build a lasting impression and brand loyalty.

We predominantly target the  45+ market and our brands are positioned within the value segment for:

  • Women who want to look and feel fabulous
  • Men who want to look and feel sharp and on-trend

Each brand and sub-brand brings a distinct identity and positioning to the Group. We believe that our multi-brand portfolio gives us an important competitive advantage, as we cover all target groups in the value segment. Synergies are created through shared services, platforms and experiences that provide a common framework for long-term market share and profitability growth. Although each brand has a unique identity, heritage and design DNA, they share common strategic principles and methods .


The Steilmann group sells its products through an international multi-channel network of 1,300 points of sale and via successful online platform at

The Steilmann group operates both retail and wholesale divisions. In retail, products are sold in the monolabel, franchise and concessions stores of Steilmann, APANAGE, Stones and KAPALUA, as well as directly to customers in Boecker and Adler stores. 

In wholesale, private label products and Steilmann group branded goods are sold to retail outlets that offer the products in their shops. Steilmann, APANAGE, Stones and KAPALUA products are sold in Europe and China in shop-in-shops.


All products are developed in Germany and produced in the company’s factories in China, Moldova, Poland, Latvia and Romania or by authorised third-party suppliers. We have over 10 years of experience of adhering to high CSR standards throughout the value chain.